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Club Policies

Boston Fencing Club

Billing Policies

Scheduled Billing
Late Fee

Our classes run on monthly billing.  You will be notified that a bill is due ahead of time via an online invoice. Bills will be due in the last week of every month for the following month of classes.  You will have the option in the invoice to set up recurring automatic payments. You will also be notified periodically when there are outstanding bills such as coaching fees on your account. If we do not hear otherwise within a week of the notification email, we will charge the card on file to settle the balance.  While we also accept cash and check, having a card on file makes billing easier for both parties. 

Any payments not received within one week of the due date will be subject to a ten percent late fee. If bills are still unpaid 14 days or more after the due date, there will be a twenty percent late fee for each bill.

Refund Policy

Lesson Policy

There are no refunds for class fees after the first week of the month. Refunds during the first week of the month will be subject to a ten percent administrative fee. 

Payment Method

We are happy to take cash, check, or card for all class and lesson fees. The easiest way to ensure bills are paid on time is to leave a card on file and set up auto-payment for classes.   If we attempt to run a card and it does not go through, please provide a new card within one week of being notified or we will also add a ten percent administrative late fee to the charge. This policy ensures that all bills are paid on time in the last week of each month.

Code of Conduct

  • Act in a sportsmanlike manner

  • Show up to practice and events on time, focused, and ready to give your all

  • Attend events in a timely manner and refrain from actions or activities that would disrupt those events

  • Respect the property of others

  • Act with respect to teammates, other teams, spectators, and officials, regardless of provocation

  • Do not engage in any discriminatory behavior, bullying, or harassment

  • Act in a manner that will bring respect and honor to you, your teammates, your family, and the Boston Fencing Club

Weapon Repair Policy

General Lesson Policy

Private lessons are available with any BFC coach for BFC members only.  While the front desk can help with any billing questions, scheduling and payment of lessons will occur online via our member portal.  For scheduling questions, please contact your coach directly.  Coach emails are available on our staff page. 

Fencers must wear mask and glove during all lessons.  Other gear may be required at the discretion of the coach.

Lesson Billing

Lesson billing and scheduling are done online via our member portal.  Lessons must be paid for in advance.  Once lessons are booked, they can be cancelled via the online portal up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.  If you do not show up for your lesson or are late and running into the next slot, there will be no refund.

Our club armorer, Al Merritt, is happy to help with any equipment needs! Simply leave your broken equipment in the designated box with your name, your phone number, and the problem you're experiencing (need help finding a tag? Ask a BFC staff member and they'll be happy to help!).  When Al has finished your equipment, your name will go on the "Weapons Repair Pickup" list on the notice board in the front hallway.  You will also receive an emailed invoice.  You can pay the invoice online or bring in cash. As soon as you've paid, the front desk staff will give you your equipment.

Clothing Policy

All fencers must come with long athletic pants, or fencing knickers, and closed toed athletic shoes.   Non-athletic pants, such as jeans, are not acceptable.  Fencing in shorts will not be allowed. Boots and other outdoor shoes will not be allowed on the strips. Please bring a second pair of indoor shoes to fence in, as street shoes dirty our fencing strips!

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