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Celebrate with BFC!

Birthday Parties

Celebrate with Swords at Boston Fencing Club!

We offer a range of opportunities for birthday parties for adults and kids of all ages. Parties are tailored to each individual, giving you the chance to theme and personalize your special day.

*Please note that we do not recommend metal equipment for children under 8 years old, we use plastic

Basic Party Package

2 Hours - $300 for 12 children This includes:

  • Full use of Fencing Equipment & Protective Clothing Plastic or Metal swords (age dependent)

  • Your own BFC coach

  • Fun Games & Warm Up

  • Introduction to Footwork & Fencing

  • One Hour of Fencing

  • Use of a private room for cake & presents

Themed Package

Additional $100 on top of the basic. Example themes:

  • Starwars – Train like a Jedi Knight using real light sabers

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Fencing – Using black lights play & UV reflective equipment*

  • Pirates & Princesses – Swashbuckle your way through fun games

  • Game of Thrones – Battle against friends or foe with swords

*Glow in the Dark fencing may only be booked for evening events


Some things we can help you with:


Party Bags – Additional $50 per 12 children
$5 per child for each additional child
These can be themed to match your party & provide an easy way of giving each guest something to take home with them

Birthday Cakes – Additional Charge Dependent on size, we can arrange this for you

Full Birthday Package

$500 The full experience, we will take care of all your party needs. This includes:

  • Themed choice

  • Decorated Private Party Room

  • Party bags for each guest

  • Birthday cake

  • Gift Certificates for each guest for BFC

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Mix it up with

Glow in the Dark Fencing!

If you really want a unique and fun birthday, glow in the dark is a spookily fun experience.

*Glow in the Dark fencing available for evening events only

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