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Boston Fencing Club

BFC is a non-profit dedicated to high quality fencing opportunities and removing financial and physical barriers to participation.

BFC Outreach

Our Outreach Programs include:

  • Elementary/Middle School Fencing Programs and Demonstrations

  • Community based fencing demonstrations

  • Hospital and Rehabilitation Directed Paralympic (Wheelchair) Fencing Programs

Interested in bringing fencing to your school, community, or program? 

Since it's founding the Boston Fencing Club has sought to develop the sport and provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for those engaging in the activity and art of fencing. Throughout its modern history, the BFC has engaged in community outreach through collaborations with the Patient and Family Support Department of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and athletic department sanctioned public school programs. 

"As a Boston Public School P.E. teacher, one of my many goals is to foster the development of knowledge and passion for lifelong physical activities (activities and sports that can be performed at any age or ability). Fencing is a perfect example of a lifelong physical activity.


Having the Boston Fencing Club teach a day in my classes was absolutely outstanding. Students were introduced to skills and a sport that most were unaware of. The few students who were familiar with fencing were some of my students who rarely speak up. This day was their moment to shine and they were proud to be the 'expert'."


-- Lauren McNamara, BPS Physical Education Teacher

Ways to Donate

  • link your Amazon account to our Amazon Smile page at

  • Use the "Donate" button below

  • major gifts to the BFC include Naming Rights, please contact us for more information

Financial Aid

At Boston Fencing Club our goal is to grow the sport of fencing. To this end, we want to remove financial barriers and enable kids to get involved in the sport. To apply for financial aid to our programs, download and complete the PDF. 

External Scholarships

When we become aware of scholarship opportunities from USA Fencing and elsewhere, we will post them here so that our athletes have access to the financial resources necessary to succeed. Please check back occassionally for new and updated opportunities

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