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BFC's Regional Open Circuit 3/2-3/4

Boston Fencing Club hosted our annual Div1A/Div2/Bill Hall Vet ROC at the beginning of March. This year was another great turnout, along with excellent results by BFC fencers.

Some of our top results that weekend:

Women's epee with the medals!

Div2 Women's Epee

Ella Morgan 1st Place - GOLD

Devika Albert 3rd Place - BRONZE

Sarah Pardo 14th Place

Div2 Men's Foil taking gold.

Div2 Men's Foil

Thomas Hewes 1st Place - GOLD

Jack Cortizas 6th Place

Tristan Santulli 7th Place

Tre Artis 11th Place

Charles Yee 13th Place

Women's Sabre dominated both Div1A and Div2 events

Div1A Women's Sabre

Maria Theodore 1st Place - GOLD

Bridget Marturano 3rd Place - BRONZE

Nina Sayles 8th Place

Lena Rhie 16th Place

Div2 Men's Epee

Stephen Yoshida 2nd Place - SILVER

Simon Todreas 12th Place

Charles Yee 13th Place

Div2 Women's Sabre

Nina Sayles 1st Place - GOLD

Victoria Suber 2nd Place - SILVER

Bridget Marturano 3rd Place - BRONZE

Lena Rhie 11th Place

Talia Raffel 12th Place

Div1A Men's Sabre

Zachary Schindler 1st Place - GOLD

Ryan Lim 3rd Place - BRONZE

Spencer Kuldell 6th Place

Jahi Tracy 7th Place

Adam Shanahan 16th Place

Joshua Lo 17th Place

Christopher Brusie 22nd Place

Daniel Atefi 27th Place

Div1A Women's Epee

Arianna Baffa 3rd Place - BRONZE

Devika Albert 19th Place

Sarah Pardo 24th Place

Kathryn Rubin 31st Place

Div2 Men's Sabre

Ryan Lim 1st Place - GOLD

Joshua Lo 5th Place

Adam Shanahan 6th Place

Christopher Brusie 8th Place

Balint Czaha 9th Place

Samir Travers 10th Place

Jackson Carter 13th

Shameek Poddar 15th

Peter Shao 17th

Congratulations to all our BFC fencers who competed!

Way to go BFC! #letsgoBFC #BFCBlue

See all results here:


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