• Thursday, August 22, 2013 9:47 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    Summer Nationals this year were held in Columbus Ohio, Boston Fencing club had over 50 fencers travel to the event of all ages. I have memories from nearly every day but top amongst them all must be the Junior Team Men's Foil match against the Japanese team. I was so proud of the fight, spirit and passion shown by our team throughout the match. The atmosphere was electric and Nate Miller, Deven Desai, Cam Mayer and David Batterman were just exceptional. Anyway on to the over all results.

    Div Ia Women's Epee - Shawn Wallace 3rd & Amy Zhao 13th

    Division II Women's Epee - Eugenia Kim 12th

    Cadet Women's Epee - Amy Zhao 6th

    Junior Women's Epee - Stephanie Wolf 11th & Amy Zhao 16th

    Div Ia Women's Foil - Hali Nelson 9th

    Y14 Women's Foil - Tiffany Luong 15th

    Div Ia Men's Foil - John Crumpler 10th

    Y10 Men's Foil - Brian Li 5th & Brandon Li 8th

    Y12 Men's Foil - Bin Huang - 12th

    Y12 Men's Epee - Colin Yu 14th

    Junior Women's Sabre - Rachel Aho 14th

    Junior Team WS - Aho, Mentzer & Suber 11th

    Senior Team WS - Aho, Mentzer, Suber & Sach 9th

    Senior Team MS - Zhang, Rose, Doris-Pierce 13th

    Junior Team WE - Kim, Wallace, Zhao & Wolf 2nd

    Senior Team WE - Bates, Jolley,Orlando & Weindling 2nd

    Junior Team WF - Hewes, Liang, Nelson & Weindling 4th

    Senior Team WF - Hewes, Liang, Nelson & Weindling 2nd

    Senior Team MF - Crumpler, Desai, Mayer & Miller 3rd
  • Monday, June 17, 2013 11:07 AM | Sydney Fadner
    People often wonder why the Pomme is called the Pomme, and I am,
    frankly, proud to say I came up wi
    th the name.  Here’s how it happened:

    Back in the eighties, 15 fencers was considered a good turnout for a New England Division event.  In those days there was no pre-registration, no internet posting of schedules, no paid referees, and far fewer fencers.  Each season, the Division officers would get together, put together a competition schedule and assign a fencer to serve as the meet manager. Often a fencer wouldn’t know that they had been assigned to manage a meet until they received the division newsletter in the mail.  That’s mail as in the US Postal Service mail. There was no way to know how many fencers would be at a competition until you walked in the door. These local events were designated in the most utilitarian manner: “Men’s Foil Open”, “Women’s Foil ‘C’” – none of the fancy names referencing holidays or local landmarks that you see today.

    There were no ROCs back then but there were several large annual tournaments that drew competitors from across the northeast.  New York had the Michel Alaux, Philadelphia had its Csiszar. The traditional start of the competitive season in those days involved a five hour drive up to Montreal for another large regional event -- the annual Terre des Hommes tournament held at the Claude Robillard sports center.  We in New England were envious of these impressive named tournaments, and we frequently discussed creating one of our own.  The big, unanswered question -- what would we call it? 

    And so it was that a group of fencers found ourselves at Amarin of Thailand, a restaurant in Newton Corner.  We sat in the central pavilion, tired and hungry after a competition at the nearby Boston Fencing Club.   It was when I read the ingredients for massaman curry that it all came together: chicken, peanuts, onion, carrots… potatoes.

    “Pomme de Terre,” I said.  “We’ll call our tournament the Pomme de Terre.” 

    We thought it was very funny, this play on the name of the big Canadian event.  Clever enough that the next fall, when we put together the Division schedule, the Men’s Foil Open for November was listed as the “Pomme de Terre Men’s Foil Open”.  And that was the extent of our marketing; a name on the schedule in the division newsletter that was mailed to our members.

    The event was scheduled to be held at MIT, and I was tagged to be the meet manager.  I went early to set up, hauling the division’s scoring equipment, the paperwork and cards and membership forms needed to run an event by hand.  When I finally looked up to open registration, there were 60 some men’s foilists waiting in line.  We had quadrupled the usual number of entries.

    The rest, as they say, is history.  Word spread, events were added, the tournament was moved from the fall to spring.  It has become an annual tradition.  Great organizers and meet managers like Jeff Altbush, David Blake, Linda and Al Merritt and a host of volunteers have made it one of the best-run events in the country.

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2013 6:01 PM | Sydney Fadner
    Over the past few weeks, BFC athletes have competed in local, regional and national events, and traveled as far as Reno, Baltimore, and Richmond. The top BFC results are listed below.

    Cherry Blossom Open

    Full results here.
    Adam Maczik
    Jacob Lete
    John Crumpler
    Cam Mayer
    Patrick Rose
    Monica Weindling
    Rachel Aho
    Rowan Sach
    5th, Senior Mixed Epee
    7th, Senior Mixed Epee
    1st, Senior Mixed Foil
    7th, Senior Mixed Foil
    5th, Senior Mixed Saber
    6th, Senior Women's Foil
    1st, Senior Women's Saber
    5th, Senior Women's Saber

    April Youth NAC & Division 1 National Championships
    Full results here.
    Stephanie Wolf
    Grace Ding
    Grace Ding
    Brian Li
    Brandon Li
    Andrew Ding
    14th, Division 1 Women's Epee
    12th, Division 1 Women's Foil
    1st, Y14 Women's Foil
    2nd, Y10 Boy's Foil
    6th, Y10 Boy's Foil
    12th, Y10 Boy's Foil

    NEUSFA Nationals Qualifiers: Division II
    Full results here.
    Jared Garland
    Charles Yee
    David Batterman
    Chris Carey
    Caden Shelman
    Adrian Perez
    Ariel Cox
    Madeline Killough
    Tiffany Luong
    Sylvia Ren
    2nd, Division II Men's Epee
    7th, Division II Men's Epee
    3rd, Division II Men's Foil
    5th, Division II Men's Foil
    6th, Division II Men's Foil
    7th, Division II Men's Foil
    7th, Division II Women's Epee
    8th, Division II Women's Epee
    2nd, Division II Women's Foil
    8th, Division II Women's Foil
  • Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:29 AM | Sydney Fadner
    BFC fencers return from the March NAC in Reno this weekend with 6 medals, several top finishes, and experience gained. Meanwhile, our youth fencers traveled to New Jersey to compete in the Steve Sobel SYC. Congrats to our medalists and to all of our athletes who competed this weekend!

    March NAC Results

    Div III Men's Epee 
    Aris Vanderpool 2nd
    Leon Sanchez 8th

    Div III Men's Foil
    Alan Szeto 9th
    Cooper Jackson 79th

    Div III Men's Saber
    Eric Zhang 3rd

    Div III Women's Epee
    Eugenia Kim 23rd
    Maddie Killough 40th
    Monisha Tasker 71st

    Div III Women's Foil
    Monica Weindling 17th
    Juliet Hewes 25th
    Hajin Kim 46th
    Anya Carion 48th

    Div III Women's Saber
    Kaleigh Mentzer 1st

    Div II Men's Epee
    Aris Vanderpool 29th

    Div II Men's Foil
    Leon Sanchez 37th
    Alan Szeto 45th
    Cooper Jackson 91st

    Div II Men's Saber
    Brendan Doris-Pierce 16th
    Eric Zhang 38th

    Div II Women's Epee
    Eugenia Kim 48th
    Maddie Killough 70th
    Monisha Tasker 78th

    Div II Women's Foil
    Christine Yao 2nd
    Monica Weindling 7th

    Juliet Hewes 43rd
    Anya Carion 67th
    Hajin Kim 73rd

    Div II Women's Saber
    Kaleigh Mentzer 3rd

    Veteran Men's Foil
    Leon Sanchez 12th

    Veteran Women's Epee
    Monisha Tasker 44th

    Vet 40 Men's Epee
    Leon Sanchez 17th

    Vet 40 Women's Epee
    Leslie Marx 1st

    Vet 50 Women's Epee
    Monisha Tasker 27th

    Vet 70 Men's Foil
    Fritz Chang 5th

    Vet 70 Men's Saber
    Fritz Chang 7th

     Steve Sobel SYC Results

    Y10 Boy's Epee
    Bruce Burba 15th
    Will Delise 22nd

    Y10 Boy's Foil
    Brian Li 2nd
    Andrew Ding 3rd
    Alexander Ma 8th
    Brandon Li 9th
    Niles Liu 20th

    Y10 Girl's Foil
    Gabrielle Roberts 17th
    Amelia Rhee 31st
    Olivia Ren 36th
    Amelia Ao 40th

    Y12 Boy's Epee
    Colin Yu 16th
    Chris Picard 27th
    Noah Stone 38th
    Tom Stadnikov 40th

    Y12 Boy's Foil
    Brian Li 14th
    Andrew Ding 23rd
    Brandon Li 29th
    Bin Huang 30th
    Brian Wang 40th
    Allan Ding 47th
    Alexander Ma 74th

    Y12 Girl's Foil
    Cassie Navalta 21st
    Amelia Ao 66th
    Olivia Ren 67th
    Nikki Kim 73rd

    Y14 Boy's Epee
    Colin Yu 24th

    Y14 Boy's Foil
    Andrew Ding 44th
    Bin Huang 54th
    Brian Li 66th
    Allan Ding 85th
    Colin Yu 94th
    Brian Wang 108th
    Connor Goggins 127th

    Y14 Boy's Saber
    Ben Slavin 23rd

    Y14 Girl's Epee
    Rebecca Barnes 33rd
    Hope Clairmont 41st

    Y14 Girl's Foil
    Tiffany Luong 3rd
    Cassie Navalta 27th
    Sylvia Ren 46th
    Rory Cunningham 60th

  • Thursday, December 13, 2012 1:07 PM | Sydney Fadner
    BFC fencers finished with strong results at the December NAC in Milwaukee, WI last weekend. There were several Top 8 finishes, ratings earned, and great fencing overall. BFC fencers took home 9 medals and 6 new ratings.

    Top Results:
    Amy Zhao - 2nd, Div II Women's Epee, earning her B12
    Monica Weindling - 2nd, Div II Women's Foil, earning her B12
    Rowan Sach - 2nd, Div II Women's Saber, earning her B12
    Phoebe Liang - 3rd, Div II Women's Foil, earning her B12
    Eric Zhang - 3rd, Div II Men's Saber, earning his B12
    Bill Hall - 3rd, Vet 70 Men's Saber
    Eugenia Kim - 5th, Div II Women's Epee, earning her C12
    Lisa Marx - 5th, Veteran Women's Foil
    Fritz Chang - 6th, Vet 70 Men's Foil

    More BFC Results:
    Veteran Men's Epee
    Leon Sanchez 39th

    Div 1 Men's Foil
    John Crumpler 48th
    Cam Mayer 74th

    Div II Women's Epee
    Monica Weindling 23rd
    Monisha Tasker 57th
    Kay Rubin 66th

    Div 1 Men's Epee
    Adam Maczik 23rd
    Ethan Grab 119th

    Div 1 Women's Saber
    Rachel Aho 59th

    Div II Women's Foil
    Lisa Marx 40th
    Anya Carion 53rd

    Vet 40 Women's Epee
    Hyesung Park 12th

    Vet 50 Women's Epee
    Monisha Takser 24th

    Div II Men's Foil
    Leon Sanchez 15th

    Vet 60 Women's Epee
    Kay Rubin 11th

     Div 1 Women's Epee
    Cassie Bates 24th
    Amy Zhao 32nd
    Stephanie Wolf 54th

    Veteran Men's Foil
    Leon Sanchez 19th

    Vet 50 Women's Foil
    Monisha Tasker 50th

    Veteran Women's Epee
    Kay Rubin 28th
    Monisha Tasker 31st

    Div II Men's Epee
    Leon Sanchez 23rd

    Div 1 Women's Foil
    Hali Nelson 19th
    Grace Ding 46th
    Phoebe Liang 79th

    Div 1 Men's Saber
    Adam Mandel 14th
  • Friday, October 26, 2012 2:27 PM | Sydney Fadner
    BFC fencers took gold at local events and the ROC last weekend. 

    At the Danny Bukantz ROC in New Jersey, Amy Zhao won the Division II Women's Epee and Helen Jolley won the Division 1A Women's Epee. Adam Maczik took 2nd in Division 1A Men's Epee, John Crumpler took 3rd in Division 1A Men's Foil, and Hali Nelson took 3rd in Division 1A Women's Foil

    At the NEUSFA D & Under in Providence, RI, Jared Garland won the D & Under Men's Epee. Cooper Jackson and Caden Shelman tied for third in the D & Under Men's Foil. 

    The first Joe Pechinsky Youth Tournament of the season was also this weekend. Our youth fencers placed well and gained valuable experience. See the full results below.

    Danny Bukantz ROC

    Amy Zhao - 1st Div II Women's Epee, 8th Div 1A Women's Epee
    Helen Jolley - 1st Div 1A Women's Epee
    Adam Maczik - 2nd Div 1A Men's Epee
    John Crumpler - 3rd Div 1A Men's Foil
    Hali Nelson - 3rd Div 1A Women's Foil
    David Batterman - 6th Div II Men's Foil
    Ethan Grab - 9th Div 1A Men's Epee
    Eugenia Kim - 9th Div II Women's Epee, 24th Div 1A Women's Epee
    Tiffany Luong - 10th Div 1A Women's Foil, 17th Div II Women's Foil
    Charles Yee - 14th Div II Men's Foil 33rd Div 1A Men's Foil
    Cam Mayer - 20th Div 1A Men's Foil
    Juliet Hewes - 23rd Div II Women's Foil
    Hajin Kim - 25th Div II Women's Foil
    Adrian Perez - 31st Div II Men's Foil, 32nd Div 1A Men's Foil
    Anya Carion - 40th Div II Women's Foil

    NEUSFA D & Under at RIFAC
    Jared Garland - 1st Men's Epee
    Cooper Jackson - 3rd Men's Foil
    Caden Shelman - 3rd Men's Foil
    Louis Heimann - 6th Men's Saber
    Jake Mickey - 17th Men's Epee

    Six Weapon D & Under in Manchester, NH
    Monisha Tasker - 3rd Mixed Epee
    Sylvia Ren - 10th Mixed Foil

    Joe Pechinsky Youth Tournament #1

    Y10 Mixed Epee
    Arianna Baffa - 1st
    Stephen Yoshida - 3rd
    Bruce Burba - 8th
    Will Delise - 9th

    Y10 Mixed Foil
    Niles Liu - 1st
    Diran Jimenez - 2nd
    Nathan Wong - 3rd
    Amelia Rhee - 3rd
    Alicia Hao - 5th
    Gabrielle Roberts - 7th
    Amelia Ao - 8th
    Olivia Ren - 9th
    Jay Wendell - 12th
    Joshua Lo - 13th

    Y12 Mixed Epee
    Chris Picard - 3rd
    Bin Huang - 3rd
    Brendan Meehan - 5th
    Colin Yu - 7th
    Tom Stadnikov - 9th
    Jason Leong - 10th
    Noah Stone- 11th
    Arjun Nanda - 15th
    Ravin Nanda - 16th

    Y12 Mixed Foil
    Allan Ding - 2nd
    Cassie Navalta - 3rd
    Dylan Evans - 8th
    David Osborne - 10th
    Christina Gong - 11th
    Hannah MacDonald - 13th

    Y12 Mixed Saber
    Spencer Kuldell - 2nd
    Oliver Pazmino - 7th
    Jake Slavin - 11th
  • Thursday, October 18, 2012 7:26 PM | Sydney Fadner
    Congrats to all of our fencers who competed in St. Louis last weekend! 

    Cadet Women's Foil
    Grace Ding 11th
    Christine Yao 43rd

    Cadet Women's Epee
    Stephanie Wolf 3rd
    Amy Zhao 49th
    Eugenia Kim 88th

    Cadet Women's Saber
    Rachel Aho 29th

    Cadet Men's Foil
    Cam Mayer 67th
    David Batterman 155th

    Cadet Men's Saber
    Eric Zhang 111th

    Div II Women's Foil
    Phoebe Liang 21st
    Christine Yao 23rd
    Monica Weindling 30th

    Div II Women's Epee
    Cassie Bates 2nd
    Amy Zhao 6th
    Monica Weindling 72nd
    Eugenia Kim 89th

    Div II Women's Saber
    Rowan Sach 24th

    Div II Men's Foil
    David Batterman 18th

    Div II Men's Saber
    Eric Zhang 48th

    Div I Women's Foil
    Christine Yao 66th
    Hali Nelson 85th
    Grace Ding 93rd
    Phoebe Liang 105th

    Div I Women's Epee
    Amy Orlando 55th
    Cassie Bates 69th
    Stephanie Wolf 80th
    Amy Zhao 94th

    Div 1 Women's Saber
    Rachel Aho 66th
    Brittany Cubano 75th

    Div 1 Men's Foil
    John Crumpler 31st
    Deven Desai 76th
    Cam Mayer 84th
    Nate Miller 129th
    David Batterman 160th

    Div 1 Men's Epee
    Adam Maczik 31st
    Ethan Grab 134th

    Div 1 Men's Saber
    Patrick Rose 105th
  • Friday, October 05, 2012 4:09 PM | Sydney Fadner
    Our fencers are off to a great start this season! BFC athletes have traveled to tournaments in Worcester, Providence, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and even as far as Plano, TX

    Cam Mayer and John Crumpler with their prizes at the Kick Off ROC in Virginia

    Kick Off ROC in Virginia
    Div1A Men's Foil
    John Crumpler 1st
    Cam Mayer 5th
    Deven Desai 10th
    Chris McKinney 12th
    Div1A Women's Foil
    Hali Nelson 3rd
    Phoebe Liang 21st
    DivII Women's Foil
    Phoebe Liang 2nd
    Monica Weindling 10th
    Monisha Tasker 27th
    Div1A Men's Epee
    Adam Maczik 10th
    Ethan Grab 31st
    Chris McKinney 34th
    Div1A Women's Epee
    Helen Jolley 3rd
    Stephanie Wolf 5th
    Cassie Bates 13th
    Eugenia Kim 26th
    Amy Zhao 29th
    DivII Men's Epee
    James Dankert 24th
    DivII Women's Epee
    Cassie Bates 3rd
    Eugenia Kim 21st
    Amy Zhao 27th
    Monisha Tasker 38th
    Div1A Men's Saber
    Patrick Rose 15th
    Eric Zhang 16th
    Div1A Women's Saber
    Rachel Aho 8th
    Kaleigh Mentzer 14th
    DivII Men's Saber
    Eric Zhang 7th
    DivII Women's Saber
    Rowan Sach 8th
    Kaleigh Mentzer 13th
    Badawi Challenge SYC in Plano, TX
    Y10 Boy's Foil
    Brian Li 1st
    Andrew Ding 3rd
    Brandon Li 8th
    Y12 Boy's Foil
    Andrew Ding 19th
    Brian Li 27th
    Y14 Boy's Foil
    Brian Li 42nd

    Cobra RYC
    Y8 Boy's Foil
    Niles Liu 1st
    Y10 Boy's Foil
    Brandon Li 3rd
    Alexander Ma 9th
    Niles Liu 20th
    Y12 Boy's Foil
    Bin Huang 3rd
    Brian Wang 5th
    Brian Li 8th
    Andrew Ding 10th
    Brandon Li 19th
    Alexander Ma 29th
    Anthony Ma 35th
    Y12 Girl's Foil 
    Cassie Navalta 9th
    Y14 Boy's Foil
    Brian Li 15th
    Brian Wang 24th
    Andrew Ding 27th
    Y14 Girl's Foil
    Sylvia Ren 33rd
    Yasemin Ersen 39th
    Y12 Boy's Epee
    Bin Huang 14th
    NEUSFA Unrated at WFC
    Men's Epee
    Jake Mickey 2nd
    Men's Foil
    Jeffrey Scornavacca 7th
    Men's Saber
    Louis Heimann 2nd
    Timothy Lung 5th

    NEUSFA C & Under at RIFAC
    Men's Saber
    Ben Slavin 2nd
    Timothy Lung 6th
    Louis Heimann 7th
    Bill Hall 10th

    New York Women's Epee Grand Prix #1
    Helen Jolley 8th
    Cassie Bates 18th
    Stephanie Wolf 30th
    Eugenia Kim 32nd

    NYAC Men's Epee Mercury Cup #1
    Adam Maczik 10th
    Ethan Grab 14th
  • Tuesday, August 14, 2012 6:28 PM | Sydney Fadner
    Former writer and blogger Emily Mahlman visited Boston Fencing Club to try fencing as part of her "Olympic Endeavors" series.

    The 30th Olympiad came to a close just 48 hours ago, but it already feels like the Olympic spirit has left the building. I, for one, am not quite ready to end the Olympic celebration, so I am going to keep the party going with…fencing! Fencing began in Spain in the 1450’s and spread abroad through battlefield encounters with other nations. Modern fencing is one of only five events that have been a part of every Summer Olympics since the birth of the modern Olympic movement in 1896. The Boston Fencing Club traces its roots back even further, to 1858. It’s the oldest fencing club in the country, so it seemed like the most appropriate place to pick up a sword – specifically a foil – for the first time... Read more.

    Thanks to Emily for bravely picking up a foil for the first time! Check out her full blog: The Great Wide Open.
  • Thursday, July 26, 2012 7:57 PM | Sydney Fadner

    The Boston Fencing Club is pleased to announce the addition of recent US Fencing High Performance Director David Sach to its staff as Saber Coach, effective September 1, 2012.

    "We are very excited to have David join the Boston Fencing Club," said club President Glenn Miller, "He joins the rich tradition of high quality fencing and instruction that is the hallmark of the Boston Fencing Club."


    David has had a stellar career both as a saber fencer and as a coach. Prior to his work as High Performance Director at US Fencing, he served as British Fencing World Class Performance Pathway saber coach - a position in which he coached and monitored members of the British Olympic Saber Team.


    His fencing career included being a member of Great Britain's Junior and Senior World Teams in saber where he earned two individual silver medals at the Commonwealth Games (1998 and 2002) before turning his focus to the coaching and refereeing ranks.


    David is also an FIE rated referee, earning appointments as a referee at the 2005 Senior World Championships and the 2008 Olympic Games.


    David will lead the Boston Fencing Club saber program and will be working closely with the Director of Fencing Operations, Michael Marx. In addition to five-time Olympian Marx, the Boston Fencing Club coaching staff includes US Fencing Hall of Fame inductee and Olympian Ed Ballinger, national finalists and national team members. 


    The public will have an opportunity to meet Sach and the rest of the Boston Fencing Club coaching staff at its Open House on Friday, September 7th.

Boston Fencing Club 110 Clematis Avenue #2 Waltham, MA 02453 (781) 891-0119
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