The BFC is a non profit 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to providing high quality fencing opportunities and removing financial and physical barriers to participation. Donations like yours will help us continue this legacy and expand our reach into the community. 

Any amount helps towards our goal of making fencing both physically and financially accessible!

What our partners say:

"As a Boston Public School P.E. teacher, one of my many goals is to foster the development of knowledge and passion for lifelong physical activities (activities and sports that can be performed at any age or ability). Fencing is a perfect example of a lifelong physical activity. Having the Boston Fencing Club teach a day in my classes was absolutely outstanding. Students were introduced to skills and a sport that most were unaware of. The few students who were familiar with fencing were some of my students who rarely speak up. This day was their moment to shine and they were proud to be the “expert”. Coach Alice was great in catering to our grade levels (K – 5), connecting with our students and handling our limited space. Lastly, the equipment was awesome. It was obvious the students felt special using the fencing equipment." - Lauren McNamara, BPS Physical Education Teacher

Ways To Donate

There are several ways to give charitably to the Boston Fencing Club:
-You can also can donate directly to our Pay Pal account using the button below
-You can link your Amazon account to our Amazon Smile page at


Major Gifts to the BFC include Naming Rights for more information on this please contact us at



BFC Outreach

 Since it's founding the Boston Fencing Club has sought to develop the sport and provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for those engaging in the activity and art of fencing. Throughout its modern history, the BFC has engaged in community outreach through collaborations with the Patient and Family Support Department of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and athletic department sanctioned public school programs. The BFC has undertaken major expansion and improvement of our facilities in order to broaden our outreach to the Greater Boston area. The expanded facility size will enable the BFC to bring larger groups of children and adults into the facility for fencing instruction and provide a safe and supportive environment for their athletic and educational development. Through this expansion, the BFC will be able to launch or expand sustain programming in three key areas:

- Elementary/Middle School Fencing Development Programs

- Hospital and Rehabilitation Directed Paralympic (Wheelchair) Fencing Programs

- Military Veteran's Fencing Programs for both those with physical disabilities and those with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

The goal of each of these programs is to provide opportunities through athletic and mental development of those individuals, of all ages, that may otherwise be left out of "mainstream" sports. For these individuals, fencing can provide an outlet for their athletic and physical fitness goals that other sports could not provide. Please consider helping us provide these opportunities by donating to the Boston Fencing Club. 


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